Cleveland Fabulous Food Show

My mom and I were so excited to learn that the Fabulous Food Show was coming to Cleveland this year (somehow we've missed it the last 4 years!) but this year, we weren't going to miss it.  The 3.5 hour drive was totally worth it to us and my dad graciously offered to chauffeur us there, since he knew how excited we were to go!

Upon arrival, we took a moment to look around the I-X Center, happy to see that the show had been significantly increased in size from the one we attended 5 years ago.  There was much more space to move between the vendors (over 250 of them!) and the shows/demonstrations. 

Our first mission was to get in line to obtain Guy Fieri's autograph...we were first and second in line!  We figured, better to wait in line for 2 hours than take the chance of not getting an autograph, then we could move along to seeing all the booths and other shows.  Being first in line was a good plan, but when he came out, we were rushed through the line so fast and Guy was busy coordinating with his photographer that it wasn't probably the best plan, since he didn't even say hello.  Autographs in hand, we were off to see the other vendors and then Guy's show.

Guy's show was awesome, he did more talking than cooking, but that's most of his shows and his personality, so that definitely came through.  We had great seats 5 rows back on the end, so we could see everything great.  We were nicely surprised when a little way into the show, we saw someone walk out and stand not even 5 feet from us...Michael Symon!

He went onto the stage and talked with Guy a bit and had some laughs.

 We did some browsing and shopping after that...laughing a lot and spending too much.  :)  I also got to go get my copy of Ratio signed and meet Michael Ruhlman...my mom didn't know who he was, but I was pretty excited about this one.  He walked in to the book area and my mom said "Maybe this is him???" and he looked over and said "Hello, yes, it is me!" which was pretty funny and he was so nice about signing my book taking a picture with me.

The next day, we came back to see Bobby Flay's show before heading back to Michigan.  His show was outstanding, over an hour of him cooking and preparing a delicious meal of steamed halibut, creamy mushroom polenta and chocolate hazelnut banana crepes with a brown butter orange sauce.

Our trip was fantastic, it was great to spend time with my mom and I know she enjoyed it as well.  We are already looking forward to next year! 

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Stephanie said...

This looks like so much fun!! I am super jealous you got to see Bobby cook in person!!


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