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Sorry, the posts to Daily Deliciousness have been few and far between, sporadic posts here and there.  I've been trying my hand at menu planning and some heavy duty budgeting...sitting, crunching the numbers, writing the grocery list, figuring the most bang for the buck...and I'm getting pretty dang good at it!  Stretching resources hasn't been very easy for me, but I'm getting much better at it and it's been fun to see how to stretch our finances and still enjoy tasty meals.  I'll be trying to fit in some more creative meals, but so far, the only ones have been pretty plain dishes that don't require recipes or ones I've already posted on here.

I have been daydreaming about ways to also stretch the space in our home's kitchen and dining area....should there be an extension on our counter top and room for counter stools?  Should the dining room table be smaller to give the illusion of more space?  Could I rearrange my kitchen to give me more useful space?  (I have a few organizational items  (I have high hopes for the plate cradles that hold my dishes vertically!) that I will be trying out very soon to see what works best...)...  We'll see where this daydreaming leads.

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