A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen...giveaway! *TIMES UP*

One of the very basic ingredients to a happy, healthy kitchen is good cleaning products!  The lovely people at Seventh Generation and MyBlogSpark sent me a pack of goodies to try out in my own home.  The Seventh Generation products are natural and "green", hypo-allergenic & non-toxic.  I loved these features of the products and they cleaned just as well as harsh chemical products.  It made me feel really good to know that I wasn't contaminating my "clean" kitchen with harmful chemicals where we will be preparing food!

Would you like to win a Seventh Generation Cleaning Pack?  It comes chock full of cleaning goodies for you to try out!

To enter:  Leave me a comment WITH your email address and answering the following question,  What is the best thing you've done for the environment this year?  Have you been recycling?  Using non-toxic cleaners?  Anything! 


  • Giveaway is open from now until Sunday, March 28th at 10 a.m. EST.
  • Once winner is announced, the winner should contact me at dailydeliciousness@gmail.com, so be sure to check back!!!
  • You are only eligible to win 1 blog contest per month.
  • If I do not receive contact within 1 week, I reserve the right to choose another winner.
  • This item for giveaway and use was provided to me by MyBlogSpark and Seventh Generation
  • Giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada only.
  • One comment per person.
  • Winner will be picked using Random.org


Crystal dawn said...

We have made a point of unplugging electrical appliances that we are not using. We are big on recycling and have switched to environmentally friendly cleaning products.


Stephanie said...

Great giveaway! We have "gone green" this year by switching over to reusable grocery bags. They are awesome!


Toby said...

We started using our food garbage for compost for our garden.

Courtney Champion said...

I love Seventh Generation! They have some awesome products. Once I get the garden planted, I'd like to start composting. Also, I've switched completely to environmentally friendly cleaners. It's nice not getting a headache when I clean the bathroom!

Erin @ OneParticular Kitchen said...

What a great giveaway! :) We've been getting our three year old to pitch in with recycling; he looks for the "becycle" symbol on everything before it goes in the trash and helps us sort through it. Adorable, helpful, and setting him up to have a great habit as he gets older! erin at oneparticularkitchen dot com

Anonymous said...

Love using non-toxic cleaning supplies although they are some times difficult to find in our small town!


Jenn said...

Al about the reusable bags and more clean eating with local food!

Anonymous said...

We have gone from recycling some of the time to 100% of the time, and have noticed a huge decrease in our garbage output every week!


Zandria Ivy said...

I always bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery store...also on my Target trips!

Tiff said...

I have started recycling glass this year. In KC a program was started, and I'm really excited about taking another step to help out Mother Earth. Thank you for the giveaway!


Mary Ellen said...

In addition to using reusable bags for shopping, I have also started recycling paper and cardboard. Our trash company does not take paper - isn't that absurd! So I set up a trashcan for paper and cardboard, bundle it once it is full, and take it to a local paper recycling drop. It is amazing how it adds up.

Colleen said...

I joined a vanpool to and from work. Cuts out 16 miles of driving and pollution daily.


*Kim* said...

My fiance' and I started recycling tihs year. Our city doesn't offer recycling pickup so we have to take our items to drop off locations but it's worth it. I never realized how much stuff we threw away that could easily be recycled!


tree said...

i started making my own laundry powder this year, using environmentally friendly products. i also switched completely over to using cloth pads. We also just got goats, so we are now generating our own organic manure...which helps our compost..which helps our organic garden. Organic gardening is good for the earth. :)

Thanks for the chance!!

Alisa said...

Great giveaway!! The best thing i've done for the environment is I started packing our lunches in a reusable bag and put the items in plastic reusable containers instead of plastic bags. So far, all the containers have come back... i'll keep my fingers crossed.

alijanepot (at) gmail (dot) com

Erin said...

Like many above, I use reusable shopping bags (when I remember to bring them from home). Also, my town has curbside recycling and they take EVERYTHING, which is really nice. The amount of garbage a five member family generates in a week is staggering, so I try to recycle whatever I can. I have no excuse not to since they pick it up for me!


AnnaBeL said...

I bought one of those surge protectors that turn off power completely by turning off 1 main outlet.


Michelle B said...

I recycle clothing and the childrens toys to local charties
and use bottle banks to reclycle pop bottles and i use the paper bank to recycle cardboard ,newspaper and magazines

Jeannie Reeves Photography said...

I dont use disposable water bottles anymore, I got my employer to put recycle bins up at work and I am right now participating in EARTH HOUR where you turn your lights off for one hour. I should be doing more...


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