Who wants FREE Fiber One Yogurt?

Who wouldn't want free yogurt?  Or at the very least $1.00 off coupons?  How about a great snack that helps you fit into your favorite jeans?  The wonderful people at Yoplait offered me this opportunity (along with some coupons for yummy yogurt) to share this new microsite with you and the first 50 readers of Daily Deliciousness who sign up at the site below will receive a coupon for a FREE 4-pack of Fiber One Yogurt!  Enjoy!!!

About Yoplait Fiber One 50-calorie yogurt

*      Yoplait Fiber One 50-calorie yogurt is the only leading nonfat yogurt with 50 calories and 5 grams of fiber.
*      Available in four flavors – Strawberry, Vanilla, Peach and Key Lime Pie – Fiber One 50-calorie yogurt is a delicious snack that is good for you, contributes 20% of the recommended daily value of fiber and is a good source of calcium as well as vitamins A and D. 
*      Instead of munching on boring lower-calorie foods, you can now snack with zero guilt on Fiber One yogurt, a tasty way to help watch waistlines and keep calorie counts in check.
*      Fiber One 50-calorie yogurt features a ‘Hungry Girl Seal of Approval’, the first nationally distributed yogurt to receive this endorsement.
*      Yoplait Fiber One 50-calorie yogurt is available in the yogurt section of grocery stores nation-wide

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