A VERY Good Cause

Not food related, but I wanted to share this blog with all of you who read my posts.

My dear friend Dawn and her husband Lee are in the process of adopting their beautiful children from China and Haiti. They started this project called the "Flip Flop Fleet" where they send flip flops over to Haiti and other countries where new shoes are very much a luxury. They have sent over 1600 pairs so far!! You can see pictures where the children, teenagers and adults are very excited to get a new pair of flip flops!!! So I encourage you to check out her blog here, Flip Flop Fleet and please consider donating any flip flops you may see on sale near you!!!!


Dawn said...

Aww, ain'tcha a sweetie! As USUAL!! Wish I could see you and hug you. I have already been contacted by someone who say your post! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! I just e-mailed Dawn and am going to be a Flip Flop Friend! I love this idea. It's so inspiring.

Shawna said...

No problem Dawn....here's a big hug right back at you! I hope more people choose to visit your blog and become Flip Flop Friends!!! :)


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