Grocery store egg challenge...

We get eggs at our local Meijers, never thinking twice about it....always getting organic or free range "Jumbo" eggs.

My parents came over yesterday to visit and brought us some surprises, like some fresh goat cheese, Parmesan and Jumbo Jumbo Eggs from their local Farmer's Market "egg guy"...they go to their Farmer's Market 1-2 times each week now that my dad has free time on his retired hands. :) I guess they go enough to have their own "egg guy", "cheese guy" and "turkey guy"...oh wait, the "meat guy" too!

Paul's reaction to these farm-fresh eggs was "HOLY..." and this morning when he was making breakfast, he brought one of our eggs vs. a farm egg out for my inspection and this is what I saw:
**Grocery store on the left - farmer's market on the right**

You judge...are the grocery store "Jumbo" eggs any comparison to farm-fresh from the "egg guy" at the Farmer's Market?

I think not.

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Lori B said...

Holy crap! Now that's a JUMBO egg!


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