What are the odds?

When I lived at home with my parents, I had seen my mother crack open some double-yolker eggs...personally, it has never happened to me. This morning, I go to make a simple breakfast of some poached eggs and rye toast. I crack an egg into a cup - look at that....a double yolk! Plop, it goes into the water.... Second crack - ANOTHER double yolk. What the heck? I need to play the lottery today. These aren't fresh from the farm, plucked from a chicken eggs...these are Meijer (our local they-have-everything grocery store) brand Jumbos. We've bought them a hundred times...today, I guess I am off to buy my lottery ticket!

My first egg - see the two bumps?

Second egg - also two bumps!!!

First egg - cooked just a TAD too long...

Second egg - cooked a lot too long... oh well!


Anonymous said...

that is awesome...good luck on the lottery...here's to extra wedding money!! LOL

Joelen said...

hope your lucky streak continues! :)

Rachel said...

I remember seeing those when I was a kid too, but Ive never cracked one open in my adult life. Definitely a lucky day!


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