Bakerellas Cupcake Pops

Okay....I was a bit ambitious with these and no, they did not turn out as I had envisioned...how do you complete with the utter perfection like Bakerella??

Anyway, they taste great! Super sweet, which means one is definitely enough to satisfy the sweet tooth... My problem was that the molded "cupcakes" weren't cold enough because I didn't have room in my freezer, so I chilled them in the fridge for a few hours - some fell apart while frosting....others didn't get a full coat of frosting, but that is just aesthetic...the taste is still great! I'll probably make these again for a special occasion, but it's a time consuming process and I doubt I would make them for any ordinary night's dessert.


Carrie said...

I saw these on two blogs today, I really want to make them.

~Amber~ said...

They are really cute! I think they look great.

Joelen said...

Super adorable! Great job!!


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