Memorial Day Grilled Scallops

Don't these look absolutely delicious?

I had about 5 large scallops in the freezer and when Paul started the grill up, I thought that I should use these up! Paul doesn't care for scallops, so this treat was all mine.

I started by thawing the scallops well and then patting them completely dry with paper towel, setting them on a plate. I seasoned them with salt, pepper, a light drizzle of olive oil and lemon zest.

Then Paul popped them on the hot grill, which he had scrubbed well and rubbed with oil. You should take care not to overcook scallops, just as with shrimp. These cooked for 5 minutes per side...that might have been a minute long, but they came out well.
I then squeezed fresh lemon juice over them and sprinkled them with fresh flat leaf parsley. I melted some butter and added to that some lemon zest, juice and some pepper. Dip and enjoy!!
Paul then grilled up some perfect burgers...after those scallops, I had about half of one, but they sure were good none the less! We didn't have any corn on the cob, so we heated up the next best thing.

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