First post!

Well, after subscribing myself to MANY cooking and food blogs and after much encouragement from my wonderful soon-to-be-husband, I decided to start my own food blog. It's exciting and quite an undertaking, the photos, the posts, the upkeep...I hope I can maintain a decent blog!

Tonight, my meal is going to consist of Cheese Ravioli in a Lemon-infused Olive oil sauce. It's delicious, light and very lemon-y. Perfect dish for Spring! A lot of the dishes I tend to make are things that I throw together and this one is definitely a keeper! Paul says very often that this recipe is one of his favorites and enjoys every time I have made it so far, so later this evening, I will be posting pictures of the dish along with a recipe.

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Cynthia said...

Thank you. These sound delicious.


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