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A while back, I was contacted by Clearly Fresh Bags to do a review of their product.  In turn, they gave me a sample of their fruit & vegetable bags to try out and see for myself how they really work.  I received my sample pack in the mail the end of May and since then, I have been using them to store fruits and veggies, both in the refrigerator and on the counter top.

I have never used the Debbie Meyer Green Bags before or any other brand of these type of bags, so I don't have anything to compare it to, however, after using them, I definitely saw an improvement in the length of time that my fruits and vegetables lasted.  I rarely ever buy bananas because they go dark so fast, but specifically this test (and to feed to my son), I bought a bunch of bananas.  They lasted about a week and a half without browning on our counter top.  I was very impressed with this!  Most of the time, they start to develop dark spots within a day or two from bringing them home from the store.  

I like the quality of the bags, they are large enough for big things like bunches of bananas, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, etc... and you can reuse them for the same type of produce at least a few times before discarding.

Overall, I recommend these bags!  From my experience, they did help extend the life of pricey fruits and vegetables and made them last much longer than I normally have witnessed.

As a thank you for taking the time to review Clearly Fresh Bags, they would like to offer all of you a 15% off discount on all orders placed in the next 15 days.  The offer code for the 15% off is DD15.  In order to receive the 15% off discount, you will need to check out through the www.clearlyfreshbags.com website and enter the promo code when you are in the shopping cart/checkout prompt, while supplies last, at http://www.clearlyfreshbags.com/products/clearly-fresh-bags-10-re-closeable-zip-bags.

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and feelings of this product are solely my own.  I received a sample of Clearly Fresh Bags to try from the Clearly Fresh Bags company.  Any giveaways/discounts were provided by Clearly Fresh Bags.

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