Local store rave!

We're fortunate to live in a very diverse suburb that has many culture-specific grocers, such as the Polish Market (and Bozek's Polish Market), several Middle Eastern grocers & this little gem, which is Ventimiglia Italian Foods. It is ALWAYS packed in there, they make the best Italian sub sandwiches you'd ever want, have a prepared foods counter where you can get anything from baby squid to breaded eggplant with a layer of ham & cheese in the middle (like a sandwich with eggplant for the bread - so good!) & so much more.... Today, I sent my husband there to get some sub sandwich dressing & he came home with a great bit of knowledge for me...that Ventimiglia now has a cheese counter with giant wheels of cheese, where you can pick out what you want, they break off a chunk & grate it for you right then & there. How amazing is that?!! And the best part, for a large tub of fresh grated Parmesan cheese, it was only $2.88! Half the price of what we normally get at another nearby store.

Besides all of those reasons to check out Ventimiglia if you're ever in our area, they have awesome homemade pastas, ravioli, sauces & so much more...the store looks small, but go in & see for yourself, they pack a lot of products (and people!) in there, it's great!!!!

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Kanella said...

I love that store! I miss living in SH, would drop by and get their fresh onion foccacia bread. The fresh pasta is excellent! I love that it's still family owned.


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