Grilled Pizza

One of our favorite things to make on the grill is pizza. We discovered that we could do this last summer and we couldn't wait until the weather was warm enough to break out the grill and work on our pizza recipes! It's really easy to do, though we are still figuring out the perfect dough, whether it's pre-made Boboli, frozen, from a mix, refrigerated or from a local pizzeria.
We use a pizza pan made specifically for a grill. You can put the dough directly on the grill, however, we have not tried this method...prior to getting the pan, we used the pre-made Boboli crusts directly on the grill and it worked out well.

I really don't have a "recipe" for this, but I do like to grill one side of the dough first, then flip it, put the ingredients on the cooked side, then put it back on the grill to cook the bottom and the toppings.

The varieties you can make are endless...have fun experimenting!

The dough we used - this was a frozen ball of dough that I cut in half.

Here are the onions I sauteed with some olive oil and pepper until they are soft.

Here are the rest of our ingredients tonight: Feta cheese, pepperoni, shredded Mozzarella, roasted garlic, green peppers, black olives, slices of fresh Mozzarella and fresh basil.

My finished pizza, pre-grill.

Closeup of the gooey cheese and olive oil bubbling.
My freshly grilled pizza, looks delicious!

Slices of thin, hot and crispy pizza.

Paul's way of making his pizza - he sauteed all the ingredients together, except the cheese, and then spread it on the dough before cooking on the grill...turned out very well...all about experimenting.

Let me know if you have any pizza grilling tips or tricks of your own! Or let me know how your pizza grilling attempts turn out!

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